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Constance Hall

Constance Hall

My name is Constance Hall and I am the founder of Success in Your Life. I want to share with you why NLP is the cure for success in my life and how it can be for yours.

For me, Success in Your Life is more than just a brand. About ten years ago I was heartbroken after getting married and divorced in the space of 18 months. At the time, I was unsure why my plans had fallen apart and was seeking a light at the end of my tunnel – a day when I would begin to feel better about myself and my life.

While all this was going on, I was the Chief Executive of a very successful organisation based in London. So far, I had a very successful career as I had achieved success as a CEO at the early age of 34.

I had money in the bank, I drove a Mercedes Benz and I owned a portfolio of houses.
Despite all this, I was very unhappy. I was living a life of opposites which was making me feel more and more depressed.

On the one had I was living a life that lots of people would dream of, with career success at one end of the pendulum and, at the other end, going through a divorce was what the map of my territory assigned to be as ‘failure’.

However, despite all this, I knew that I had to continue to care for my daughter and my elderly mother who had also come to live with me at the end of a 40 year marriage.

It was at this time, that I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming. A friend had told me about NLP and had suggested that I should try this as a way of moving on. Which I did. From this day on, my life changed and I decided that I wanted to pursue NLP as a life style. I also decided that the skills that I had learned would be a useful way to coach and train others to be a successful in their lives too.

My friends have all seen the massive changes that I have made in my life. Experiencing the benefits of NLP makes me know that no one has to live with being upset, indecision or a broken heart because we all have a choice based on the PRESENT and not just the PAST or the FUTURE.

I have heard stories about how poorly people have been treated during this recession. Friends and colleagues have lost their jobs, through no fault of their own, and subsequently, relationships that were once strong are now at a cliff edge.

I know that NLP caused me to make the breakthrough in my life when I needed it and continues to do so every day. I am now a successful entrepreneur, mother and wife.

More importantly, in addition to a raft of academic and professional qualifications, I am a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Hypnotherapist. I work with clients to create real and practical Breakthrough Strategies in their life, and in particular, where they want to experience real success and to see change and transformation at work, with their spouse or partner or family members.

My life is now turned around. I am happy; the prognosis is very healthy and has never looked so bright. I know that this is because of NLP.

So say yes and invest in yourself.  The future is your success and your investment in yourself will make you feel alive and passionate to live your dreams.   You don't have to suffer.  Get in touch and make this the best thing you have ever do in your life!