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Top 5 Things to do in January to set yourself up for personal success throughout the year

Personal success can only be measured by the goals you set for yourself, if you have no goals or objectives then how do you know that you have been successful?  Whether you are looking to achieve a happier more fulfilling lifestyle or achieve more income from your employment or business, setting goals and objectives is the best way to see it happen.

January is the start of something new a chance to mentally prepare yourself for the road ahead and achieve, hopefully, more than you did the year before.  Use this new found fresh inspiration to set yourself up with an achievement calendar to follow.  In the following 5 steps we are going to look at how to set your objectives and follow them through in order to achieve your personal success throughout the year.

Step 1                                 

Realise your objectives! An objective is the overall achievement that you want to strive for; being more financially stable, feeling better about yourself, looking healthier or spending more time with the family.  These are all objectives which are not to be confused with goals.  Set yourself a date on the calendar at which you are going to achieve these objectives, but make it realistic as setting an objective to early could result in disappointment and giving up altogether.

Step 2

Set your goals! Goals are what are going to make your objective possible, for example you want to feel healthier, how are you going to achieve this objective? Possibly by being fitter or losing weight.  These are goals that lead to the objective.  Again use the calendar to set realistic goals leading up to the objective.  If the objective is `feel healthier’ then you might have periodic goals to lose a Lb of weight every couple of weeks.

Step 3

Activating the tasks!  Every goal needs a task to make it possible and this is the first real action taken to achieving your objective and your personal success. A task is what you have to do to achieve your goals, to achieve the goal of losing Lb every two weeks you might join the gym and go on a diet.  There can be multiple tasks leading up to goals that eventually result in you achieving your objective.

Step 4

Once you have your objectives and periodic goals set on your yearly planner it is time to take a step back to see if they are feasible.  There is no point in starting your new found regime if it is not possible to maintain.  Make sure you include relaxation time within your tasks as it is just as important to get to your objective.  You are not going to feel better if you exhaust yourself trying.

Step 5

Once you are clear on where you are going and how you are going to get there, you need to have a plan on how to keep yourself motivated.  Achieving goals with someone else is a great way to keep motivated or on track.  You local gym might even help you with motivational techniques or by checking your progress.   Each time you reach a goal realise this achievement mentally and prepare for the next success.