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When did you last follow your gut instinct?

Your gut instinct is always right - but do you follow yours?  Here's a little tale that I would like to share with you...

I just got off the phone to a dear friend of mine.

After months of stress,  he received a  hand delivered letter from his employer to tell him that they were letting him go. Needless to say recent events have been devastating for both him and his family. 

My mate is living with a disability and the chances are that this was one of the hidden reasons why they decided to let him go. 

A few weeks ago, when he told me about his tribulations, we moaned and groaned together, (as you would do) and I was upset for hours after a long phone call. 

But as sure as eggs are eggs,  my friend is not the type to be beaten and play the wounded dog for too long so this morning when I called he told me that he felt that he should not give in to pressure.

‘There’s life in the old dog yet, Connie’  he told me. 

‘I am sure there is! I replied with a cheeky wink.   (Of course, he couldn't see me.) 

The long and short of it is that since we last spoke, he has taken a deep breath and slapped a juicy employment tribunal case on his old employer which has been accepted by the courts. 

Hooray!!   And I hope it is going to fly. 


Because what I love about my friend is that he is led by his intuition and not ruled by his head. 

If he followed his head, he would have done nothing and spent the rest of his life blaming himself for giving up the fight. 

Not only his fight, but the fight for everyone who has been a victim of poor employment practice.  

In my world where I coach my clients  to be successful in their lives, following your intuition is the most powerful call to action that you can ever take. 

And when you have this feeling, this urge, this insight, you cannot be wrong. 

But sadly, the cold hard facts is that most of my clients are scared to do what they really feel and what their gut instinct is often screaming at them to do.

So they end up being ripped off, living nightmares and living in the shadow of who they really want to be. 

So I ask you now -  what will happen to you when you lose the gift of trusting your intuition?  

If this is happening to you now, how well are you coping? 

How are you surviving?

An important aspect of my work is to show clients new techniques to recognise when their intuition is calling and so learn  how to trust themselves. 

In other words, I  show you how to connect with your unconscious,  which only has a positive intention - which is the best for you at all times.  

It works every time.  

Learning NLP techniques guarantees success in your life effortlessly.  

If you would like to know more about how to take make this simple adjustment and connect with your success, please complete our inquiry form or call me on 020 8544 4116 now. 

Bye for now and be well.   

Constance Hall is the Co-founder of Success In Your Life.    March 2013