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Why travelling is essential to personal development

Travelling the world or even your own country can be a great asset to personal development. A heightened sense of our surroundings can stimulate all sorts of feelings, flooding the body with endorphins and creating a natural subtle trigger for internal happiness.

We as humans can find life extremely boring doing the same routine day in day out, travelling can give us the feeling of an adventure, making everything seem more exciting and unexpected.  It has no relevance to whether you stay in a youth hostel or a five star hotel, the adventure is still the same.  The feeling of experiencing something new and not knowing what is around the corner or down a street makes life that much more thrilling.

Feeling confident in life is often about feeling happy and being able to deal with the upsets that life throws at us.  Some things that might seem like a major dilemma at one time in your life might seem trivial at another; it is experience that allows us to put things into perspective. 

To experience a situation whilst travelling can make you realise how trivial your problems at home might be, seeing how little some people live with around the world can put your home comforts into perspective and allow you to realise the importance of just the basics.

It is not just the realisation that we can actually deal with our own problems in a less dramatic manner that helps with personal development.  Dealing with problems whilst travelling can also help build confidence in working through problems, being pushed into independence can leave you with no choice but to be confident as a means of survival.

Travelling makes us try new things that we simply would not do in our everyday lives, well most of us anyway, things like; bungee jumps, rock climbing, elephant rides are all personal development exercises that we would not normally experience.  The benefit of pushing ones comfort zones is the basis to personal development.  Once you have taken your fear to the next level the level before no longer feels that scary anymore.

This pushing your boundaries method of building self confidence can be applied to any task in life, not because the tasks might be similar but because we have widened our perspective on life enabling us to think more clearly about problems and solutions.  People do not become wise when they are young they do so with age because they have had the experience.

There is an overwhelming sense of achievement when you experience and accomplish something new; we have all felt it at some time in our life’s,  many of us might have forgotten this feeling as we have become settled in our everyday lives.  This is how travel can help us bring back that feeling of accomplishment and personal development.  To experience something frightful or dangerous can have us putting life into new context and realising ourselves for who we are.  The experience of travel can make us into more aware perceptive and happy people that enjoy life for what it is and not be sad about what it is not.