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Coaching Services


Anyone who has a dream to become successful will need to surround themselves with the right team, and a coach is a vital component, crucial to your personal success.

In whatever industry or field you look in, those who have become incredibly successful have always had reliable coaches every step of the way. All the top singers all have vocal coaches, sportsmen and women all have coaches, business men all have coaches and mentors.

"Your Personal Success Coach is Just Around the Corner"

In the past, elders of a family were often revered as the guide and mentor through life. This role has been somewhat diluted now in modern day society. In fact at times it might seem so diluted, that the only mentor is society itself. This is literally identity theft in action.

Stephen Covey has often said that the greatest tragedy in identity theft is not done by hackers or thieves, but by society itself. Even if you do not coach with me, I highly recommend that you go out and find someone whom you can relate to and learn from and get their coaching or mentoring.

This will get you faster and quicker to where you intend to go. In order to make these kinds of services most accessible to everyone, I've created a set of programs which will help you to focus on various aspects of your life, or on your whole life in general. Please take a moment to review these.

Flawless Interviews Together we'll work through your interview techniques to create a personal brand in you that any employer will want to see more of. more info »


Sharp Presentations Take your presentation to the next level. This is a highly custom service designed to help you win over that audience at that important presentation. more info »


Cool Confidence This program is designed to give you a solid foundation and cornerstone to your states of confidence and resourcefulness. more info »


Kick Start If you find yourself procrastinating all the time and not getting on with the things you know you want, then perhaps you need a kick in the right place. That would be in your unconscious 'but'! This programs aims to create massive momentum to help you move forward in whatever area of your life you want to concentrate on. more info »


United Values This program is for those of you who can't seem to focus on your current life. Our values comprise of the most important things in our lives, and often times they become foggy, disjointed and sometimes even missing. Get your values in order with this high impact program tackling the deepest foundations within you. more info »


Rewarding Relationships This is a program for couples who may have become distant and want to reunite their passion for each other and create the most harmonious relationship together. This program helps to resolve value conflicts allowing both partners to feel more aligned with each other. more info »


Personal Revolution If you know you have one thing which holds you back in life, one thing that if you got over this one issue, your life would soar ahead, then this is the program for you. The basis of this program is a comprehensive interview followed by a totally unique hypnosis session which is 100% designed just for you! more info »


Clear Vision This detailed program is designed to help you to identify and realign yourself to your ultimate vision, clearing away all the cobwebs and getting that momentum flowing towards the dream life. Clarity is one of the keys to success and if you aren't clear about your goals, or about your problems, then this will blast away all those doubts to create a vision worth living. more info »


Personal Coaching There are 4 tiers of personal programs aimed at long term change, accountability towards your goals and discovering yourself from within to create a dream life ahead of you. more info »


As you can see, I'm very up front with the cost, either way you're going to find out eventually so it might as well be now. Coaching is not for everyone, but for those of you who are committed to making that change today, these programs will certainly provide you with the tools and mindset that will create the success in your life you're looking for.

My Personal Guarantee

100% Money Back GuaranteeI know it's often difficult to make decisions on signing up for these kind of programs because you can't immediately see what the value is for you.

The thing is, I know how effective these processes and techniques are, and I want you to experience them for yourself, I'm so confident about it that I'm prepared to offer you a 100% money back guarantee*, if after the first hour** you do not feel you are getting anything from it.

*for programs lasting only 1 hour, the same guarantee applies for the first 30mins.
**for 12 month personal coaching programs, the same guarantee applies for the full first session.