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“As an IT contractor and small business owner, I needed some support to get over a bad divorce and still stay working! Constance's approach to counselling is new and refreshing. I have had several sessions for several personal problems and after six sessions I now feel able to rise to the challenges ahead. I would definitely recommend Constance and her associates for life coaching and support."

“I am an executive in the NHS and Constance's support to get a Director's post was helped me to get to the next management level in my career. She supported me to improve my performance in my appraisal, application form and interview. I would definitely recommend Success In Your Life career coaching programmes.“

C Lewis, Director, Human Resources NHS

"Hermione is a great sports coach. It's not about how you do on the track but how you improve your mindset so you can immediately get yourself into a winning state one hundred per cent of the time. I am surprised how quickly my results improved in running and football and all my sessions were online meetings.“

I called Success In Your Life because I was looking for some support.   I have been worried about finding a new job after being made redundant after 4 years.   It was an opportunity to move from corporate life with a wage to self-employed.  Micheal was great support to help me after I lost my job. It was pretty huge.  Well done SIYL.  I will definitely attend your other programmes in the future.  

John Clues