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Client Testimonials

Elaine ,  NHS HR Manager

When I met Constance I was going through what I would describe as a really bad patch.  I had lost confidence with my work, I had had a car accident which left me with a neck and back pain that I couldn't get rid of and everything seemed to be going downhill.  Constance, or shall I say Connie, she prefers that, went to work on me.  

Firstly, she put me at ease because  I was very nervous.  I had never tried anything like this before, I only knew I needed help.  When the session ended,  some how I didn't feel worried any more.    Anyway,  the next day I went back to living life and for some reason I found myself speaking up to my boss and at home where I had been a real mouse before and I found myself volunteering to do things which I would never have had the courage to do before.   I found myself saying to myself "Is this you Elaine!".  

That was just the beginning.  Constance asked me for a testimonial six months after I saw her and I had almost forgotten the session.  But, when I looked backed to where I was then to where I was when she called me I couldn't believe how much I had achieved.  I had a new job, I had moved house to be closer to my mom and my constant back pain that I had (which was my initial excuse for seeing Connie) had completely gone.  I was all round,  pretty happy!

All I know is that this works.  Connie is great and while you can trust that she gets the job done, you can relax with her because she is pretty funny too. 

Richard Harriss - Commercial Analyst

For some time, I felt as if I had been treading water. Its not that I was unwilling to push myself, or that I lacked the intent to try things or to succeed. Its something different – a fear of failure, reluctance to take too much risk, though much more importantly, it’s a fear of missing out. I’m an Analyst in an oil company, 32 years old, from South West London. I’m “normal” (whatever that is!), have resources, a loving family, and great friends. I have lots of opportunity to do things, and have great experiences.

Despite this, I was very critical of myself, glass half empty you might say, wanting more but to afraid to actually go and get it for myself. However I was recommended to speak to Eddie by a great friend of mine. I met up with Eddie for some long sessions where we explored the route cause of my dissatisfaction. We looked at perceptions, values, developing momentum goals and targets.

Eddie helped me to understand what was important to me, how I perceive things. We then started to take action on them, one at a time, small steps and getting a direction. I was always in control of decisions and direction, and by making me accountable Eddie has allowed a mindset to become embedded. I have really noticed the effect all of this has had.

Sure, I'm not exactly how I would to be yet, but I know that I’m on the right path and things are starting to happen. In the last few weeks, I have achieved a new job, spot bonus and now have a truly gorgeous girlfriend. Thanks Eddie – if that was the last 5 months, I’d like to be Prime Minister next year…..! To the reader, if any of this resonates with you, pick up the phone and call Eddie right now.

Yvonne de Ville - Tunbridge Wells

I had a NLP breakthrough session with Eddie and I would like to say that Eddie is very professional in his approach and makes his clients feel very comfortable. As a NLP therapist myself I admire the new combination of techniques Eddie has created. I would recommend his session to anyone. I will definitely use Eddie again to help me overcome any barriers to my success

Jo Rucker - Teacher

After spending 5 hours with Eddie Yu, my life was completely transformed! I left feeling confident and completely at ease with myself, ready to tackle anything that life threw at me. I am recommending him to all my friends.

Owen Lean - Magician

When I met Eddie Yu, I was not in a good place. Well, thats not strictly speaking true, I was in an Italian restaurant that serves pretty decent food - but mentally I wasn't in a good place. I was in better place that I had been over the last months, I had recently decided to overcome my depression by taking as much action and as many opportunities as I could and so when I met Eddie and he offered to be my success coach i decided to give it a shot.

Through the coaching process I have learned to overcome a lot of my fears, to take control over my future, to let go of things that were holding me back and to visualize my own dreams and goals.

I now find myself in a far better place - well, again if we're talking location, its not that great, its a little room with a desk in London, I'd much rather be in the Italian restaurant but you know what i mean - I've progressed hugely with my career and my life. The success I'd spent so long dreaming about is becoming more and more of a reality. I'm not quite living the dream yet, but I'm certainly well on my way.

Eddie Yu's coaching WILL change your life - stop reading this testimonial and take the chance!

Esther Zheng - Entrepreneur

Before I started coaching with Eddie, I was confused and didn't have any idea what I wanted to do in life. From working together I now have a clear vision for my life and tools to make that happen. Success is just around the corner!