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What is Life Coaching?

Einstein QuoteLife coaching is essentially guiding an individual to achieve their goals in life. In every aspect of life, those who achieve the highest levels of success in any chosen field, have at their side a team of coaches and mentors.

Take Tiger Woods as an example, he's the best golfer in the world right now, and even he has a coach by his side when he is training.

One thing we learn in life is that you never reach the top of a tree, because there are always other trees growing either side of you. When you reach the top of your tree, look for the next tallest tree to climb.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling for psychological illnesses. If you believe you need those services, seek those professionals to help. Coaching is about helping you to achieve your personal goals, from financial goals, to relationship goals.

The method of coaching I employ uses a combination of coaching best practices, Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy. I trained with the Christopher Howard training programs and I'm certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Master RESULTS coach, Performance Consultant and in the following techniques of Master Hypnosis and Advanced Neurological Repatterning